Auto imports drop sharply

15:58 | 23/05/2018 Car & Motor

A total of 231 cars worth US$10.2 million were imported to the Vietnamese market over the past week, reported the General Department of Customs. 

This marks sharp decreases in both volume and value as compared with the previous week, with 746 cars valued at US$21.6 million, the department said.

In the week, there were 97 cars with nine seats or less worth US$2.5 million entering Vietnam, accounting for 42 percent of the total volume. Of the cars, 45 were from Germany and 40 were from Thailand.

Of note, all of the 82 trucks valued at nearly US$1.5 million imported to Vietnam last week were originated from Thailand.

As many as 52 specialised vehicles worth US$6.23 million were shipped to Vietnam, with 25 cars from Thailand, 12 from the Republic of Korea (RoK) and seven from China. The rest hail from Japan, France, Australia, Italy and Russia.

Nearly US$41.27 million worth of auto spare parts were also transported to the country, mainly from Thailand (US$12.7 million), China (US$6.78 million), Japan (US$6.45 million), the RoK (US$4.66 million) and Germany (US$4.19 million).

Statistics show that 84 percent of auto spare parts imported to Vietnam last week were from the above-mentioned countries.

The Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers Association (VAMA) reported on May 9 that up to 21,123 vehicles were sold in the domestic market in April.

Of the total, the sales of tourist vehicles reached 13,549, up 5 percent, while the sales of commercial vehicles decreased 8 percent to 6,375 units and the sales of specialised vehicles also fell 8 percent to 1,217 units as compared with the previous month.

Notably, the domestically-assembled cars segment saw a fall of 5 percent in sales to 17,910 vehicles. On the contrary, 3,213 vehicles were imported, up 37 percent month-on-month.

During the January-April period, total automobile sales were 80,681 units, a decrease of 7 percent year-on-year. The sales of tourist vehicles increased 2 percent, while that of commercial and specialised cars fell 18 percent and 36 percent, respectively.

The sales of domestically-assembled cars edged up 8 percent against a decrease of 47 percent in the sales of imported cars.

Theo VNA