Australia's agriculture fights against severe drought

15:39 | 09/08/2018 Cooperation

Eastern Australia is experiencing a prolonged drought. Prime Minister Turnbull visited New South Wales on August 5 and said that the drought was the worst for decades and pledged an additional AUD190 million to help the stricken families.

A farm at Packsaddle, 200km north of Broken Hill - Source:News Corp Australia

The total amount spent by the Australian government on drought relief efforts has reached AUD576 million.

For the past three months, farmers in many parts of Australia, especially in New South Wales and Queensland, have suffered from the serious consequences of the drought with rainfall in many places at the lowest level in the past 25 years.

Farmers are facing great difficulties in looking for drinking water and food for animals. Many families had to sell their cows and goats while growing regions of mango, orange, apple and avocado in Queensland are facing the risk of crop failure.

The drought is expected to continue for the next several months.

Theo NDO