Australian Seafood Festival 2022 launched in Vietnam

17:28 | 20/06/2022 Society

Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) is partnering with Vietnam’s key seafood importers to launch the Australian Seafood Festival from June to July this year.  

This promotional campaign is under the Taste of Australia program, the annual celebration of Australia’s world class food and beverages in Vietnam being hosted by Australian Government.

Australian Seafood Festival 2022 has taken place at 10 specialised seafood restaurants in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from June 20-26, and seafood counters at 2 major supermarkets in July; promoting Australian seafood (live Western Rock Lobster and Southern Rock Lobster; live Organic Pacific Oyster; live/canned/ frozen Greenlip, Blacklip and Tiger Abalone; Mud Crab; Tiger Prawn and Tasmanian Salmon) with special menus and offers.

With the high-quality and outstanding seafood products, Australia has become one of the most trusted sources of seafood for Vietnamese consumers. In 2021, Australia exported A$86.9 million of seafood to Vietnam, increasing nearly 60% compared to 2020. In terms of products, Australia mostly exported crustaceans (A$52.9 million), followed by fresh or chilled fish (A$23.7 million), frozen fish (A$8.6 million), molluscs (A$1.5 million), fish fillets (A$226,807), and dried/salted fish (A$25,359). Over the years, Australian seafood companies have built strong relationship with Vietnamese importers in the country to promote Australian seafood.

Thanks to innovative technology, live seafood from Australia can still keep its freshness and quality due to improved product handling, vigilance in the cool supply chain, and the speed of getting products to market. Live products can leave Australia and be on a diner’s table within 72 hours.

This promotional campaign is organised with the purpose of bringing Australian high quality, clean, fresh and sustainable seafood to more Vietnamese.