Audi Vietnam recalls 182 cars, SUVs with faulty fuel pipes

15:14 | 07/05/2019 Society

Audi will recall 182 cars and SUVs to replace faulty fuel pipes, the Vietnam Register has announced.

Audi sedans on display at the Vietnam Auto Show 2018 - Photo by VnExpress

Vietnam Register, the agency under the Ministry of Transport that is in charge of registering vehicles, has announced its approval for Audi to recall 182 vehicles in Vietnam.

Audi will be recalling 37 A7 Sportback Quattro, 78 A8L Quattro, two sedan models, and 67 Q7 Quattro SUVs. These models use the same gasoline engines and were produced between January 2013 and December 30, 2016.

The reason these vehicles are being recalled, according to Vietnam Register, is because a fault in the engine’s low pressure fuel pipes made it easier for fuel to leak. In most cases, only fuel odor will leak into the engine compartment, but in some special cases, fuel will spill.

This defect was caused by a fault in the welding process when producing the fuel pipes. The low pressure pipes will be replaced in all the vehicles recalled, Audi has said.

Owners of affected vehicles can bring their cars to Audi dealers in Vietnam until April 22, 2021. Audi representatives said all replacements will be free of charge.

Audi opened its first dealership in Ho Chi Minh City in 2008, and now possesses three dealerships, the latter two in Hanoi and Da Nang.

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