Arts festival connects five Southeast Asian countries

17:22 | 19/07/2016 Society

Twenty-one professional arts troupes from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand are participating in an arts programme that officially kicked off in the central province of Quang Tri on July 18.

Arts festival connects five Southeast Asian countries

A flute performance by artists from Thang Long Song, Dance and Music Theatre (Hanoi) at the festival (Credit: VNA)

The festival features more than 221 performances by nearly 960 artists, actors and actresses with 17 groups from 17 Vietnam and four foreign troupes.

The triennial arts and cultural event contributes to promoting the land, people and culture of Vietnam and four other countries to the international friends.

It also has a great significance in tightening solidarity, friendship, cooperation and mutual understanding among Southeast Asian countries and the ASEAN Community.

The festival offers a good opportunity for professional artists, actors and actresses to meet and discuss their experience in arts creation and performance, as well as learn about the unique artistic and cultural values of other countries.

The organising board will present gold and silver medals to the best performances and choose five outstanding programmes for public shows in Quang Tri province during the festival.

The event, which is scheduled to conclude on July 25, is a continuation of the previous events that have been successfully held in Quang Tri, including the Cambodia-Laos-Myanmar-Vietnam art festival, ‘Trans-Asia road’ festival, Indochinese music festivals and the video conference themed ‘Song of Road 9’./.


Source: NDO