Approaching the general standards of international education

10:15 | 04/07/2019 Society

On July 3, the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) together with British University Vietnam (BUV) and its partner Staffordshire University (United Kingdom), organised the inaugural research colloquium on international research in Vietnam’s higher education sector.

The colloquium attracted the participation of researchers, managers, and leaders from the MoET as Dr Pham Quang Hung, director general of the International Co-operation Department together with domestic and international universities such as Vietnam National University, BUV, RMIT University Vietnam, Staffordshire University, Leeds Trinity University (United Kingdom), and Sao Paolo University (Brazil).

The colloquium is a forum for domestic and foreign researchers to share research results, exchange information, and strengthen academic research co-operation in the context of the internationalisation of higher education.

approaching the general standards of international education
Professor Raymond Gordon, general director of BUV

Professor Raymond Gordon, general director of BUV said: “A central component of BUV’s mission is to create an authentic international learning environment for its students and broader community. A university cannot create such an environment by simply teaching international programs, it needs a world class campus that attracts international teachers, international students and international researchers.”

“BUV is attracting students and researchers from around the world to Vietnam and more specifically Hanoi, to engage and collaborate with its students and academics. Collaboration, especially between academics, is essential for sharing research ideas and processes. But collaboration between researchers and students from diverse international backgrounds is at the heart of creativity and innovation, which is essential for Vietnam and world as it moves into a new digital era,” he added.

approaching the general standards of international education

Speaking at the colloquium, Dr Pham Quang Hung said: “The event will connect leaders and higher education managers of Vietnam and the world, to discuss the challenges in the internationalisation of higher education with the aim of ensuring quality as well as proposing solutions for Vietnam.”

Many topics are discussed at the conference, including issues such as the internationalisation trend in higher education in Vietnam, the research capacity of higher education institutions in Vietnam, challenges and prediction of e-learning trends in Vietnam, global open education trends, e-learning in the current education market, and university management.

Vietnam is becoming more and more deeply integrated with other countries in the world. Along with its drive for innovation and international integration, Vietnamese higher education needs to be renewed while retaining its main characteristics and approaching the general standards of international education.

approaching the general standards of international education
BUV is one of the highlight foreign education institutions in Vietnam offering cutting-edge facilities for research and education

In reality, the need to send children to study abroad, access new and more advanced cultures, international schools have dipped a toe in the Vietnamese education market to diversify choices for parents and children.

BUV is one of the best examples in Vietnam. The outstanding factors in education quality, facilities, geographical location, and tuition are all competitive strengths of BUV, impressing both parents and student at the very first sight.

Song Hà