APEC seeks ways to boost free trade

09:16 | 10/06/2017 Cooperation

(VEN) - Vietnam Economic News’ Nhat Quang recorded the opinions of APEC senior officials on the sidelines of their second meeting (SOM 2) in Hanoi last month. Most of them believe the 21-nation Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum will open up big opportunities not only for the Vietnamese economy but also for businesses to integrate into the regional and global economies.

apec seeks ways to boost free trade

Bui Thanh Son, Permanent Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chair of APEC SOM2:

Solutions to realize APEC’s vision for the post-2020 period

SOM 2 consisted of very important events. Delegates from Asia-Pacific economies concentrated on discussing APEC 2017’s major issues. After reviewing the achievements as well as pending problems, they proposed directions and specific measures to realize APEC’s vision for the post-2020 period.

A very important content of discussions was measures to promote cooperation as well as sustainable and inclusive economic, social and financial growth, with special attention to boosting free trade in APEC economies.

apec seeks ways to boost free trade

Dr. Alan Bollard, Executive Director, APEC Secretariat:

Vietnam plays an important role in APEC economy.

I am very satisfied with the Vietnamese government, ministries and sectors’ preparations for APEC activities. Through APEC, Vietnam can enhance its integration capability and promote the image of the country and Vietnamese people among friends and partners in the region and worldwide. Through Vietnam’s initiatives at APEC meetings in the country, I found that Vietnam plays an important role in the APEC economy.

One of the factors making up APEC’s success is straightforward discussions between member countries to find solutions for pending problems. Through straightforward discussions, APEC member countries can seek opportunities to promote sustainable cooperation, increase free trade, attract foreign investment and boost steady industrial development.

apec seeks ways to boost free trade

Mari Elka Pangestu, former Indonesian Minister of Trade: It’s time for economies to accelerate globalization

APEC 2017 is a series of important events taking place in the context of member countries boosting integration.More than ever, it’s time for APEC member countries to affirm their commitments to maintain the opening of their markets, to tighten regional economic linkages and support globalization through stronger actions.

To accelerate globalization, however, APEC, in general, and each member economy, in particular, should strengthen communication to make the public aware of the benefits of free trade and globalization. This awareness will inspire their joint efforts to build a sustainable growth model for the entire region.

apec seeks ways to boost free trade

Vo Quang Hue, General Director of Robert Bosch Vietnam Co. Ltd:

The business community expects good things from APEC

APEC 2017 will welcome about 1,000 investors from world-leading businesses, bringing Vietnam opportunities to promote its image and attract investment from all over the world. It will also offer a chance for Vietnam to promote free trade and increase the presence of Vietnamese goods in the global market.

As far as I know, Vietnam was recently invited to participate in the G20 Summit 2017 scheduled to take place this coming July in the city of Hamburg, Germany.

I hope this will be an opportunity for Vietnam to deepen its integration into the world economy, as well as for the domestic business community to accelerate its integration into the global economy.

Nhat Quang