APEC 2017: Great expectations

08:14 | 01/02/2017 Ten Years An APEC

(VEN) - In a talk with Vietnam Economic News’ Nguyen Hoa, representatives of domestic and foreign organizations and businesses expressed their expectation that its hosting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation events in 2017 (APEC 2017) would yield positive changes for the Vietnamese economy

apec 2017 great expectations

Virginia B. Foote, Governor of the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam:

APEC opens a lot of opportunities for Vietnam

Economists and entrepreneurs from 21 APEC member countries will come to Vietnam. They will see the strong growth and progress of the Vietnamese economy. This will open big opportunities for Vietnam to promote its global image and attract foreign direct investment.

apec 2017 great expectations

Hoang Phuong Thao, Actionaid International Chief Representative in Vietnam:

A dynamic economy

With a population of more than 90 million people, Vietnam is a large market for businesses from APEC countries. Vietnamese businesses can also seek opportunities in the APEC market which accounts for 49 percent of global trade.

Through APEC 2017, Vietnam will have opportunities to attract large investors from participating economies.

The Vietnamese government will have a chance to show its strong determination to improve the investment environment and tell the leaders of APEC countries and the world that Vietnam not only has great potential for investment but also is a dynamic economy.

The Vietnamese government and businesses are striving to upgrade infrastructure and enhance the quality of human resources to turn Vietnam into a destination for sustainable investment in the future.

apec 2017 great expectations

Vu Tien Loc, Chairman of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI):

Strategic impetus

APEC Year 2017 will create a golden opportunity and a strategic impetus for the Vietnamese business community to promote trade and investment. The VCCI proposed organizing special events such as the APEC Business Advisory Council Meeting, and the APEC CEO Summit, apart from traditional activities.

The VCCI also proposed organizing a conference on doing business in Vietnam, finding inspiration from the World Bank’s Doing Business report.

An APEC Startup Forum will be held for the first time in Ho Chi Minh City at the VCCI’s initiative. This event will bring together leading startups in the region.

apec 2017 great expectations

Truong Gia Binh, Chairman of the Board of the FPT Corporation:

The aspiration for further success

Through APEC 2017, Vietnam can tell APEC leaders that it has great potential for development and affirm the aspiration of the Vietnamese government, as well as of the domestic business community and each Vietnamese citizen, for further success.

About 1,000 leaders of APEC’s leading groups will come to Vietnam to attend APEC 2017 meetings. We hope for decisions to invest in Vietnam.

APEC 2017 will provide opportunities for Vietnam to attract investment and for domestic businesses to learn from foreign experiences and seek cooperation opportunities.

apec 2017 great expectations

Toshikazu Bohmuki, EXEDY Vietnam Co. Ltd General Director:

Support industries will develop

APEC 2017 is of great significance to the Vietnamese economy.

The participation of the leaders of 21 APEC member economies will give Vietnam a chance to provide the international community and foreign investors with a closer look at the investment environment in the country so that they can see the potential of the Vietnamese economy as well as investment opportunities in Vietnam.

Through APEC 2017, I expect Vietnam could attract more investment in support industries which would help domestic businesses expand production.

Nguyen Hoa