Andros Asia promotes partnership with farmers and fruit suppliers in Tien Giang Province

17:24 | 20/06/2022 Companies

ANDROS, the leading fruit transformation corporate in Europe, with ANDROS Asia Company as the representative in Vietnam hosted the Partnership Conference at Go Cong Factory (Go Cong Town, Tien Giang Province) with the theme ‘Sustainable Fruit Network Development’, to promote partnership with farmers and fruit suppliers.

andros asia promotes partnership with farmers and fruit suppliers in tien giang province

ANDROS Asia’s development strategy is to accompany local farmers in every market ANDROS has been presented, including Vietnam. To mark the beginning of the partnership with local farmers and fruit suppliers, ANDROS Asia has signed the MOU with the Tien Giang Cooperative Alliance on developing the fruit manufacture – consumption chain. According to the agreements of the MOU, the chain will be executed following ANDROS Asia’s model of agri-tech services, including: seedling service; tending and harvesting techniques and post-harvest techniques; output fruit transformation. For the first step of developing the fruit manufacture – consumption chain, ANDROS Asia is going to collaborate with Tien Giang Province to build the material pink guava region of 5 hectares in 2022, and expand the region in the following years. Meanwhile, a material region of high-quality acerola cherry is also going to be established to meet the strict requirements of exportation to Europe and the US. Besides material pink guava and acerola cherry, ANDROS Asia is going to work with Tien Giang Province on making a list of potential material fruit regions and building action plans for these regions.

One of ANDROS Asia’s strategic approaches in Vietnam is to cooperate with provinces to establish material fruit regions, aiming at sustainable mutual development and yielding high economic benefits via the fruit manufacture – consumption chain. Specifically, ANDROS Asia has carried out the model of agri-tech services, including: seedling, harvest and post-harvest and fruit transformation. During the past 5 years, ANDROS Asia has transformed about 20,000 tonnes of fruits per year; exported more than 40,000 tonnes of transformed fruits to foreign markets. ANDROS Asia has set the objective to 2025 to purchase about 30,000 tonnes of local fruits per year.

ANDROS Asia has celebrated the grand opening of Go Cong Cold Storage, which locates right at Go Cong Factory. The cold storage has the capacity of 1,500 palettes, located on an area of 6,000 square meters, in which the area for storage, loading and unloading accounts for 2,500 square meters. The remaining area is common area and the department of peripheral techs. Go Cong Cold Storage is ANDROS Asia’s strategic asset to continuously upgrading efficiency and quality of fruit transformation in Tien Giang Province.

Mr. Valentin Tran, General Manager of ANDROS Asia, said: “Over the past 5 years in Vietnam, ANDROS Asia as a fruit transformation company has always wanted to connect and cooperated with local farmers…We have the ambition to establish many more material fruit regions that are sustainable, ecofriendly and safe to ensure the input ingredients for ANDROS Asia, upholding the stringent process from farm to factory that the company has always followed.”