Ancient Chu Dau ceramics dazzle with new look

14:16 | 09/09/2018 Industry

(VEN) - Apart from having sophisticated patterns and an elegant style, Chu Dau pottery is renowned for its glaze diversity. The Chu Dau Ceramic Joint Stock Company has invested in researching and creating new glazes - green enamel and “tam thai” enamel painted in three colors of green, red and yellow, apart from maintaining such traditional glazes as white glaze, celadon, blue and “cracked” glazes.

ancient chu dau ceramics dazzle with new look

The Chu Dau Ceramic Joint Stock Company continues to research and create new glazes and products

Based on ancient styles, the modern array of Chu Dau products includes ceramic pots, vases, gift items, dishes, fine art objects such as porcelain phoenix and swans, spiritual pottery products and worshiping objects.

In a bid to restore the famous pottery to its 13th-17th century glory, the Hanoi Trade Joint Stock Corporation (Hapro) has invested in modern facilities and equipment, opened classes to train local workers and revived ancient glazes and manufacturing techniques, while inviting artisans to pass on the craft to local laborers.

Two years after being launched onto the market, these products have attracted domestic consumers and accessed export markets. Company technicians and designers are continuing to study in order to diversify both glazes and products. Nguyen Van Thuc, Director of the Chu Dau Ceramic Joint Stock Company said his company attaches importance to trademark registration and packaging improvement to add value to its products.

The company also understands the importance of packaging and branding for attracting importers, and of increasing product presence in such world leading distribution channels as Alibaba and Amazon.

Thuc said his company eared revenues of VND30 billion in the first half of 2018, of which 70 percent came from domestic sales and the remaining from exports.

Chu Dau pottery products have now been exported to more than 20 countries and territories, and are on display in 46 museums in 32 countries in the region and around the world.

Chu Dau pottery waned in popularity in recent centuries, but its unique style has been revitalized by scientists,

authorities and the business community. Chu Dau ceramics are not only the quintessence of the ceramic art but also

demonstrate the purity of Vietnamese traditional culture. The revival of ancient Chu Dau pottery is considered the

revival of a chapter in the history of national culture.

Viet Nga