Teky Academy

An incubator of young Vietnamese sci-tech talents

14:49 | 10/12/2020 Science - Technology

(VEN) - Established in 2016, the Teky Academy provides Vietnamese children with creative thinking and computer skills crucial for their success in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. So far, Teky has attracted more than 10,000 students from hundreds of schools nationwide, teaching them programming, application development, robotics, automotive electronics, 3D technology and multimedia communications. 

an incubator of young vietnamese sci tech talents
Teky Academy Executive Chairwoman and Founder Dao Lan Huong

First STEAM model for children

STEM is an interdisciplinary and applied approach to teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics by lifting the barriers between different sciences and thus stimulating students’ curiosity and creativity. In countries such as Japan or China, for example, artificial intelligence (AI) classes are part of the official school curricula from the age of five. In Vietnam, not many schools have worked out specific roadmaps for development of these educational methods. Teky has become the first and only business in Vietnam to make US-standard STEAM (Science - Technology - Engineering - Arts - Mathematics) curricula accessible for Vietnamese children aged 4 to 18.

Dao Lan Huong, Board Chair of the Teky Academy, said the curricula help Vietnamese children develop their abilities in a digital economy and equips them to become tech entrepreneurs in the future. Teky provides Vietnamese youths with comprehensive STEAM knowledge, especially technological thinking, computer sciences, and 21st century skills known as the 4Cs (Critical thinking - Communication - Creativity - Collaboration).

Teky’s curricula are based on the standards of US schools, comprising classes in programming and application development; robotics and automotive electronics; 3D technology and multimedia communications; and online courses. The long-term learning helps build the foundation of scientific knowledge, skills and technological thinking, similar to subjects such as mathematics and foreign language.

The Teky Academy is equipped with high-tech laboratories and modern facilities catering for research and learning. Its teachers are information technology experts with long experiences in nurturing creativity as well as other skills for children.

Inspiring passion for technology

an incubator of young vietnamese sci tech talents

Teky’s training courses on game programming, toy design, website and mobile apps have attracted tens of thousands of children, turning their passion for computer games into passion for technology and creativity. Currently, the academy has 20 campuses nationwide (initially, it had eight). “Training courses on printing technology and toy design provide five-year students with primary knowledge of how to program games, create personal websites, produce animations or mobile apps. After attending these courses, six-year students can program games; seven-year students can assemble and make robots work; eight-year students can produce animations and create personal websites; and nine-year students can program mobile apps,” a Teky representative explained.

On October 2, the Teky Academy won the Stevie® Awards 2020 - Bronze for Women in Business and the title “Company of the Year - Consumer Services”. The award has helped strengthen Teky’s position as a pioneer in transforming the education model in the era of Industry 4.0.

Pursuing the goal of becoming the number-one STEAM academy for children in Southeast Asia in terms of number of students and Edutech Platform systems, Teky is committed to creating and developing products and services meeting the requirements of digital transformation. At the same time, it continues improving training curricula and management solutions to prepare for an acceleration period from 2021.

Teky has been recognized in many local and regional competitions, such as the Top 10 projects in Southeast Asia with the best influence on society, awarded by the Australian government, and chosen among the Top Four projects at the NextGen Conference in Switzerland. During the last three years, the academy received five Rice Bowl Startup Awards for “Training project with the best social impact” (2017), “Start-up with the most votes” (2018), “Project with the best contribution to society” (2018), “Founder of the Year” and “Best New Comer” (2019). Teky’s students achieved good results at international tech competitions such as the World Robot Olympiad final, as well as medals and prizes of technology contests for children, such as WeCode or AppJamming Summit.