An Giang Province seeks beneficiaries for industry promotion budget

10:00 | 25/04/2021 Industry

(VEN) -  The Industry and Trade Department of An Giang Province is stepping up activities to locate beneficiaries and feasible projects in order to make effective use of the national industry promotion budget.

With national industry promotion funding, the department has supported many rural industrial establishments in machinery and equipment investment and production growth.

For example, since 2019 it has helped four beneficiaries invest in rice sorting machines with total funding of VND1.2 billion and has channeled VND900 million to three rural industrial establishments for advanced rice processing machines to another establishment for modern glass painting equipment.

The newly applied machinery and equipment have been operating well, helping the establishments stabilize production, improve quality and increase productivity.

Many rural industrial establishments in the southwestern province have expanded their domestic markets, with some taking initial steps to access export markets. In addition, the level of production and business management capacity has been improved and increasing attention has been paid to product branding.

However, although An Giang has as many as 10,000 rural industrial establishments, most are small and super small, while the industry promotion budget has only sufficed to support 273 establishments in technology transfer and application of machinery and equipment from 2014 to 2020.

an giang province seeks beneficiaries for industry promotion budget
Many rice processing establishments in the province are supported

Other obstacles to faster rural industrial development include poor professional qualifications and lack of collaboration between enterprises at local commune level.

In the absence of proper conditions, some industry promotion projects such as support for building industrial clusters and pollution treatment systems in industrial clusters and rural industrial establishments have not been deployed.

In order to bring into full play the efficiency of the national industry promotion budget, the An Giang Department of Industry and Trade continues to select eligible beneficiaries for support in the application of machinery and equipment in production in order to improve product quality, and prioritizes deep-processing establishments operating in the province's key fields. At the same time, the department is promoting consumer market expansion by supporting rural industrial establishments producing unique, high-quality products.

In 2021, the An Giang Department of Industry and Trade is both expanding production and developing markets for rural industry.

Hai Linh