American genetic testing company Genetica to expand operations in Vietnam

10:58 | 18/02/2021 Companies

Intending to efficiently apply technology and digital transformation into business activities, expand the market and promote development cooperation in Vietnam, Genetica, a biotechnology company from the US, has selected the Everlearn system developed by MVV Entrepreneur Academy to provide online learning and coaching experience, to then empower the company's strategic partners in Vietnam.  

american genetic testing company genetica to expand operations in vietnam

MVV Entrepreneur Academy CEO Bui Duc Quan (left) and Genetica CEO Nguyen Thi Nhu Quynh sign a contract to deploy the Everlearn system

Genetica is an Artificial Intelligence Applied Genomic Testing company advised by a team of scientists from leading universities such as UCSF, Harvard, Stanford, and Cornell. In partnership with Illumina and Thermo Fisher - two of the world's leading gene-decoding organizations, Genetica can analyze and decode genes for Asians to help the nurture and education planning of children, personalized nutrition, exercise, and sickness prevention plans, including 18 common cancers in Vietnam and Asia.

GENETICA® is a combination of artificial intelligence and expert analysis to decode genes. Through Genetica, the company expects that Asians and Vietnamese people, in particular, will have their genetic map and at a certain point. When it comes to "gene decoding", people will immediately think of GENETICA® - the exclusive technology of the Genetica company.

To put its vision into practice, in its 2021 market expansion plan, Genetica has selected the MVV Entrepreneur Academy's Everlearn Learning Experience Management platform to deliver a sales capability development program for its partners in a quick, synchronous, and cost-saving manner. The system also supports the co-founders' efforts to make Genetica a cutting-edge learning institution.

Accordingly, the Everlearn Learning Suite team has designed and built a series of online lessons about introducing products with 10 specialized sales training topics specifically for strategic partners of Genetica. The content on the system is available in many formats, including videos, SCORM (standard interactive lecture), infographic images, PowerPoint presentations, PDF materials, etc… It is also easy to access via Internet-connected smart devices (such as smartphones, iPads, or laptops). In 2021, other learning topics like industry knowledge, soft skills, and leadership will also be deployed on the system.

Regarding this partnership, Mr. Bui Duc Quan, CEO of MVV Entrepreneur Academy, said, “MVV Entrepreneur Academy has accompanied Genetica since the early days when the company started to expand its operations in Vietnam. Our experts have been involved in building learning material for Genetica’s business development team, in-depth coaching, and now with the deployment of the Everlearn technology system, we have enhanced our collaboration to a new level.

MVV Entrepreneur Academy is the pioneer for blended learning in Vietnam. The Academy supports in-house training programs through consulting to build a corporate university model, including consulting capacity building and learning and development models; design and build multimedia learning content; provide the foundation and technology for digital transformation in training and learning.

MVV Everlearn is an online learning platform provided in the form of SaaS (software rental) and chosen by many international organizations and large enterprises for its international quality. Most recently, the Asian Development Bank has also chosen this platform to implement a program to support women-owned businesses affected by COVID-19.