Ambitious program promotes rural industrial products

10:00 | 12/12/2020 Economy

(VEN) - Building 340 demonstration technology models geared to cleaner production is the goal set out in the National Industry Promotion Program (NIPP) for the 2021-2025 period recently issued by the Government. The program is expected to create a breakthrough in the productivity, quality and competitiveness of rural industrial products.

ambitious program promotes rural industrial products
Industry promotion supports the demonstration of new industrial models

According to Ngo Quang Trung, director general of the Agency for Regional Industry and Trade, the NIPP has significantly contributed to the development of rural industry through projects supporting the application of advanced machinery and equipment and building technical demonstration models. The program’s effectiveness has attracted many organizations, businesses and individuals seeking to participate.

The overall goal is to mobilize and efficiently use all resources to create a new driving force for the development of industrial and handicraft production in order to reshape the countryside and shift the economic structure towards industrialization and modernization, Trung emphasized.

The program strives to build 340 technical demonstration and technology transfer models, apply 1,600 machines and 300 advanced technology lines in industrial and handicraft production, as well as assess cleaner production for 300 rural industrial establishments. It also includes plans for a pilot model of cleaner production for 100 rural industrial establishments, and support for repairing and upgrading environmental pollution treatment systems at 50 rural industrial establishments.

Green growth goal

According to the plan, between 2021 and 2025, the NIPP will support 350 rural industrial establishments in building and registering product trademarks, 50 industrial clusters in detailed planning, 60 industrial clusters in repairing and upgrading environmental pollution treatment systems. The program will also form clusters linking industries and value chains in the field of production and processing, and train 10,000 employees according to the needs of rural industrial establishments associated with market requirements.

In addition, the program will support the development of quality human resources and improve management capacity as well as advise and assist rural industrial establishments, and enhance the capacity of industry promotion activities. The NIPP will actively encourage the transfer and application of science and technology and cleaner production in order to improve the efficiency of natural resources, fuels and raw materials use and protect the environment and human health to achieve green growth and sustainable development.

The program will also promote trade connections of rural industry products, forming highly competitive products and product groups to meet market demands, especially export markets. Moreover, it will increase not only the proportion of deep and fine processing in agro-forestry-aquatic processing, but also the value and the content of high technology in industrial and handicraft products, helping rural industrial establishments access digital development opportunities, improve productivity, product quality, competitiveness and effectively implement the roadmap for international economic integration.

The National Industry Promotion Program will be implemented from 2021 to the end of 2025 for organizations and individuals directly investing in industrial and craft production, applying cleaner production, domestic and foreign organizations and individuals participating in the management and implementation of industry promotion activities.

Trang Anh