Ambiente 2016: Ideal place for handicraft makers

15:15 | 02/04/2016 Trade

(VEN) - The Ambiente handicraft and consumer goods trade fair takes place once a year in German city of Frankfurt is an ideal place for handicraft businesses from all over the world to show their products and innovations. This year’s international consumer goods trade fair saw 4,387 exhibitors from 96 countries, with the participation of 58 Vietnamese businesses.

Ambiente 2016: Ideal place for handicraft makers

Ambiente 2016 received the world’s famous brands

Prestigious destination

Ambiente is the Europe’s largest and most effective exhibition for handicraft products and consumer goods. According to the organizers, the trade fair attracted more than 130,000 customers from 150 countries last year. Ambiente 2016 covered 308,000sq.m with a series of booths to show unique designs and innovations, consumer goods and interior decoration, attracting the interests of consumers from a wide range of countries.

The trade fair not only displays new kinds of consumer goods but also organizes special events and programs for designers. International customers coming to Ambiente 2016 accounted for 55 percent of total visits, including Italian, British, Dutch, Chinese and American customers.

Nicolas Luc Villeroy, a member of board of directors of Villeroy & Boch said that the Ambiente has become a prestigious and important destination to introduce the company’s products to international friends. “I highly appreciated the number of international customers coming to this year’s trade fair. It was seen as a big opportunity for Villeroy & Boch to expand trade in the international map,” he said.

Amal Links Company Director Naiji Serghini said that Ambiente 2016 was the second time the company participated in. However the company was aware of the trade fair’s opportunities and importance. Thanks to participating in Ambiente, the company has more orders and relations and is willing to seek new partners.

Opportunities for Vietnamese goods

Ambiente has become an attractive destination for Vietnamese handicraft manufacturers, with the participation of 58 businesses in this year’s trade fair. Numerous famous businesses such as Minh Long, Ngoc Minh, Green Living, Haca and Manh Dan have actively introduced their products to international friends.

Haca Deputy General Director Tran Tien said that participating in the trade fair has become an annual activity for the company as it provides opportunities to show products to international customers, especially for those who have not yet came to Vietnam. The company’s orders and customers have steadily increased year by year thanks to the Ambiente, creating an engine for the company to make greater efforts in renewing designs.

Green Living Manufacturing and Trading Co., Ltd. General Director Nguyen Thi Thu Thao said that the company has participated in the trade fair for the last six years. Ambiente provides opportunities for the company to expand exports to the US and the EU. Thao said, “I put high expectations on Ambiente 2016 as the company’s products have attracted the interests of international customers.”

Ambiente is also a place for manufacturers to maintain links with traditional partners and seek new international customers, creating favorable conditions for them to deeply enter the target markets and catch up market trends.  

Ambiente 2016 attracted 137,000 trade customers from 143 countries around the world, especially those from Italy, France, the UK, Netherlands, China and the Republic of Korea. The next trade fair will take place between February 10 and 14, 2017 with a focus on designs from the UK.


Nguyen Huong