All Vietnamese supermarkets to use eco-friendly bags by 2025

06:00 | 09/10/2021 Environment

(VEN) - By 2025, all commercial centers and supermarkets will use environmentally-friendly packaging and plastic bags and enterprises will play a key role in realizing the target, according to a government directive.

Prime Ministerial Decision 1316/QD-TTg on strengthening management of plastic waste in Vietnam not only mandates exclusive use of environmentally-friendly plastic bags and packaging, it also calls for 85 percent of generated plastic waste to be reused, recycled and disposed of, 50 percent of marine plastic waste to be reduced; and all tourist attractions and accommodations to avoid use of non-biodegradable plastic bags and disposable plastic products.

In order to achieve these goals, relevant units are urged to step up research, technology application, and management of plastic waste and production of environmentally-friendly products and develop synchronous plans for shopping centers and supermarkets using environmentally-friendly plastic bags to replace non-biodegradable ones.

Environmentally-friendly packaging is becoming more popular

The decision also calls for research and application of advanced technologies in collecting, treating and recycling plastic waste into fuel, building materials and other plastic products and improving the capacity of laboratories to meet the requirements of research, testing, evaluation and quality certification of alternative products in Vietnam.

According to Dr. Nguyen Dinh Trong, Chair and General Director of Vietnam T-Tech Technology Corporation, the state should issue relevant policies as soon as possible to force enterprises to implement seriously the regulations and requirements. Never before in Vietnam has the “anti-plastic waste” movement received such strong and synchronous support as it does today.

Many production units and enterprises in Vietnam have already lessened the use of single-use plastic products. For example, Co.op Mart has pioneered in replacing traditional plastic bags with environmentally-friendly ones. It is also using more banana leaves to wrap food throughout the system and plans to stop selling plastic straws. According to the plan, this brand will complete the conversion to paper straw production by May 2022, helping reduce nearly 700 tonnes of plastic waste per year.

Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Urban Environment Company Limited Huynh Minh Nhut said that the company and the Packaging Recycling Organization Vietnam (PRO Vietnam) signed a memorandum of understanding on building a network to collect and treat recycled waste from the domestic solid waste sorting at source. This is expected to improve efficiency in sorting, raise public awareness, promote green production, and contribute to building a circular economy associated with sustainable development goals.

In the current fight against plastic waste, the role and responsibility of enterprises are critically important,

especially in handling plastic waste that is difficult to collect and recycle, such as disposable plastic


Thu Huong