AIP Foundation expands helmet safety program to empower children from underrepresented communities

10:40 | 29/11/2021 Society

As part of the growing legacy of Safety Delivered, supported by The UPS Foundation, Phase III of the program is set to take place in Thai Nguyen City and Ho Chi Minh City. In cooperation with the Provincial Traffic Safety Committee and the Department of Education and Training, AIP Foundation will be hosting two helmet handover ceremonies for students.

During Phase III of the Safety Delivered program (2021 - 2022), 50 percent of students who participate in the program are from underrepresented communities. These children often lack access to safe and sustainable commutes. The helmets make a life-saving difference for vulnerable children on their way to and from school.

aip foundation expands helmet safety program to empower children from underrepresented communities

The helmet handover will promote community awareness of the life-saving importance of increasing child helmet use.

Following the introduction, the students will receive their helmets and learn about helmet safety rules from AIP Foundation and UPS volunteers. Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, the events will be hosted virtually. We are delighted to welcome dedicated volunteers from UPS Vietnam to demonstrate to the students how to wear a helmet correctly.

Trieu Thi Huyen Trang, an 11-year-old student at the target school shared, “I feel very excited about my new helmet, and I know that I will be safer on the road. It was so much fun to learn about the three steps of wearing a helmet properly from the UPS volunteers, they were so friendly.”

“Road safety is a key element of UPS’s commitment to helping build sustainable communities around the world. These commitments are part of the UPS DNA, which is why we’ve supported the Safety Delivered program since 2011,” said Russell Reed, Managing Director UPS Vietnam.

Mr. Tran Van Long, Vice Executive Chairman from Traffic Safety Committee of Thai Nguyen province and Deputy Director from Department of Transportation of Thai Nguyen province, “It is of paramount importance that the helmet fits the wearer properly and be worn correctly. Today, students learned how to make sure their helmets fit properly, ensuring maximum protection on the road.”

Mrs. Trinh Thu Ha, representative of National Traffic Safety Committee expressed, “Safety Delivered is a practical and truly effective program that help increase child helmet use when travelling on motorcycles at program locations. The program spread such a meaning message about making helmet their travel company, to protect students, prevent head injuries from road crashes along the way from home to school. Not only the program helps widespread the message, but it also educates applying law, which can get students build their awareness and safe behavior when traveling. Safety Delivered has such wonderful care toward the country’s young generation.”