AEON Vietnam honored as best workplace in Asia

15:29 | 15/08/2022 Companies

AEON Vietnam has been honored as one of "The Best Places to Work in Asia 2022" for four consecutive years by internal employees and reputable human resource experts, thanks to comprehensive human resource training and development strategy, mental and physical health policies.

Asia's leading HR magazine - HR Asia - recently announced the list of "The Best Places to Work in Asia 2022" based on the overall and complete evaluation criteria of employee satisfaction through the T.E.A.M model. The evaluation contents include three groups of indicators: corporate culture (Core), level of cohesion (Self) and team spirit (Group).

Thanks to the outstanding HR strategy with Talented Values ​​(Employee Value Proposition, “EVP”) built and maintained over the past 10 years, AEON Vietnam was honored to receive the award “Best Places to Work in Asia 2022” for the fourth time.

For four consecutive years, the evaluation results of AEON Vietnam have always scored higher than the industry average in all three groups of survey criteria.

aeon vietnam honored as best workplace in asia

Representatives of AEON Vietnam receive the award "Best Workplace in Asia 2022"

These achievements were achieved thanks to AEON Vietnam's values ​​of attracting talent (EVP) through a comprehensive human resource development strategy.

Ms. Tran Thi Tuyet Trinh, Head of Human Resources Department of AEON Vietnam, shared: “The goal of AEON Vietnam when participating in this survey is to better understand the human resource needs, thereby helping us to build appropriate strategy to realize the long-term vision of becoming the most attractive employer in the retail industry in Vietnam through policies to attract, train and develop personnel”.

aeon vietnam honored as best workplace in asia
Ms. Tran Thi Tuyet Trinh, Head of Human Resources Department of AEON Vietnam

AEON Vietnam has determined that one of the strategic focuses of the business is to focus on training and developing human resources. AEON Vietnam is always committed to providing all employees with three opportunities: Professional development; Career advancement; Improve leadership mindset and dedication to the community.

With the strategy of increasing scale and expanding into new business areas, AEON Vietnam will create thousands more career opportunities both vertically and horizontally and in business fields; provides training and skills development opportunities at home and abroad because according to AEON Vietnam, this is the biggest and most sustainable benefit.

In addition to the growing ecosystem of training channels, for employees who have the need to develop professional knowledge or soft skills, AEON Vietnam has a policy to sponsor tuition fees to encourage employees to create development goals and proactively seek out the suitable courses, thereby not only improving professional ability but also building a culture of continuous learning. All employees are funded 50 percent of the study cost with the elective program, meeting the employee's desire to actively develop.

In parallel, the company also invested in the training system M.O.O.C (Massive Online Open Course) - online classes with a variety of courses, helping employees to be flexible in terms of time and location to study.

With the management level, the successor leadership team, the company will invite international experts, including AEON representatives in each region to participate in exchanges and training. AEON Vietnam also has a policy of rotation between departments and business areas, encouraging the management team to work in different departments and fields, models and in different countries, firstly Japan.

Besides the goal of training and developing human resources, taking care of the spiritual life and health of AEON Vietnam's employees is also a criteria highly appreciated by the employees participating in the survey.

Over the years, AEON Vietnam has always had policies and activities to take care of the physical and mental health of its employees, creating favorable conditions for employees to participate in community activities to increase engagement with the company and contribute to the local sustainable development values.

In addition to the prescribed health insurance, with the top priority being the health and safety of employees, AEON Vietnam has deployed an enhanced health insurance package for its 4,000 employees nationwide.

In the medium-term plan to 2025, there will be at least 15 AEON Shopping Centers put into operation; while the chain of small and medium supermarkets MaxValu is expected to reach 100 stores in Hanoi. At the same time, AEON Vietnam will continue to develop a system of specialized stores, such as Glam Beautique, AEON Bicycle, Petamo, Daiso... and the AEON EShop e-commerce channel.

In the next development roadmap, AEON Vietnam will continue to put sustainable human resources as one of the top focuses, striving to remain the best place to work in Vietnam's retail industry, in addition to expanding the market, raising the lifestyle for Vietnamese consumers and contributing to the development of the community.