AEON promotes the export of Vietnamese agricultural products

08:49 | 27/06/2020 Companies

June 23rd, 2020, the first batch of fresh Vietnamese lychee exported to Japan was officially sold at AEON's store system, including 250 AEON general merchandise store & supermarkets and AEON style stores across Japan.

Fresh lychee was shipped by air from end of May to end of June without freezing to ensure the quality and taste of the product. AEON’s customers in Japan can enjoy this fruit during the right season with the freshest taste.

Mr. Nishitohge Yasuo - General Director of AEON Vietnam gave a speech at AEON's Supplier Conference held annually to support domestic suppliers to improve product quality

Covid-19 pandemic had significant effect on import and export. However, with the desire to "deliver valuable products from various countries” to consumers in Japan, AEON has strived to promote the purchase and export of these products promptly, including Vietnamese lychee. Besides lychee, many other special Vietnamese agricultural products such as mango, dragon fruit and coffee are also exported and sold in AEON’s supermarkets in Japan since 2015.

The successful export and distribution of Vietnamese agricultural products in AEON's retail system in Japan is the result of the efforts of companies under AEON Group in Vietnam. AEON has cooperated with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to organize activities to support Vietnamese suppliers to improve the quality of domestic products, aiming to export to foreign markets, especially Japan. Specifically, in 2017, the total export turnover of Vietnamese products through the AEON system reached nearly USD 250 million, in 2018 reached USD 330 million, in 2019 reached USD 370 million and in 2020 aims to reach USD 450 million.

AEON Vietnam implements programs to support domestic consumption of agricultural products at general department stores and supermarkets

Not only promoting export, in Vietnam market, AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd., which is directly under AEON Japan, also continuously implements activities to support domestic agricultural product consumption as well as trade promotion programs through its general merchandise store & supermarket system nationwide. Especially in February, during the period of Covid-19 pandemic, AEON Vietnam has joined hands to support the consumption of more than 18 tons of dragon fruits and more than 58 tons of watermelons in only 4 - 5 days through its store system in Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi.

In addition, AEON Vietnam also cooperates with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Departments of Industry and Trade of provinces and cities to organize business matching activities, fairs and exhibitions to support domestic product consumption. At its general merchandise store & supermarket system across the country, AEON Vietnam prioritizes to display Vietnamese products in convenient, easy-to-find and eye-catching locations to attract and introduce these products to customers.