AEON Group appoints new General Director of AEON Vietnam

17:42 | 14/06/2021 Events

AEON Vietnam today announced its new General Director – Mr. Furusawa Yasuyuki.  

aeon group appoints new general director of aeon vietnam
Mr. Furusawa Yasuyuki, new General Director of AEON Vietnam

The change of senior personnel of AEON Vietnam this time is part of AEON Group's Organization Reform Strategy in the fiscal year 2021. Specifically, the group will significantly improve its competitiveness and profitability through three strategies. The first is digital shift, regional shift, and Asia shift. The second is the reformation of its supply chain. The third is the reformation of group management, pursue group synergy, and maximize its corporate value.

Up to now, AEON Group has always appreciated and identified Vietnam as a key market in Asia. Accordingly, AEON will continue to accelerate the opening of RSC (regional shopping center), NSC (neighborhood SC), specialty stores and supermarket to achieve rapid growth. In addition, the group will accelerate the e-commerce segment to meet the increasing need of online consumption trend of customers, especially in the context of Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, Product research and development (R&D) will also be focused, in order to increase the number of Made-in-Vietnam products, together with imported products only available at AEON to provide our customers with a unique and wide range of products. It is necessary to reform and enhance the supply chain infrastructure as the driven factor of the target achievement.

In parallel, AEON Group will focus on the continuous reformation of group management that facilitates the pursuance of group synergy and maximizes its corporate value.

With above ambitions, AEON Group appointed Furusawa Yasuyuki as the new General Director of AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. Meanwhile, the predecessor General Director Nishitohge Yasuo returned to Japan for a new assignment in AEON Group.

Furusawa Yasuyuki joined Jusco (now as known as AEON Group) in 1995, having over 26 years of experience in the retail industry in Asia. From 2014-2017, he held the position of the president of Beijing AEON Co., Ltd in China. Before being appointed as General Director of AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd, Furusawa Yasuyuki was the president of My Basket Co., Ltd., a business entity of AEON Group Japan.

My Basket is an urban small supermarket chain brand under AEON Japan, developed in major cities of Japan such as Tokyo and Kanagawa, etc. It mainly sell fresh produce and catering goods for daily use. Under his presidential reign for AEON My Basket, Furusawa Yasuyuki has created the marvelous growth for My Basket through adding 200 more stores only in two years, contributing to its outstanding development to achieve the milestone of 1,000 My Basket stores.

Furusawa Yasuyuki emphasized: “In the coming time, I, together with the entire AEON Vietnam, will continue to make every effort to develop new models of retail business in pursuit of AEON Vietnam’s missions: to enrich Vietnamese people’s lifestyle, to contribute to local community and economic growth of Vietnam.”

Under direct authority of AEON group, AEON Vietnam Co., Ltd. Was officially established in 2011. Currently, AEON Vietnam is operating in five retail business segments in Vietnam, including shopping malls, general merchandise stores and supermarket, specialty store, supermarkets and e-commerce.

Since the opening of the first shopping mall AEON - Tan Phu Celadon in 2014 till June 2021, AEON Vietnam has expanded its business footprints in six provinces and cities nationwide, developed and operated three shopping malls, three general merchandise stores & supermarkets, 29 specialty stores, two supermarkets, AEONEshop e-commerce site; and AEON Regional Distribution Center in Ho Chi Minh City.