Advanced solution adhesion of ceramic tiles

16:27 | 16/07/2021 Companies

Saint-Gobain Group, with the world's leading brand Weber in tile adhesives, tile grouts and waterproofing products, announced the results from its experiment on the adhesion ability of sand-cement mixture and tile adhesives. The study was conducted by Saint-Gobain Vietnam in collaboration with Ricons Group Construction Investment Joint Stock Company.

Currently, many construction projects after a period of tiling have encountered problems of tile debonding or cracking. In fact, the characteristics of modern bricks commonly used for construction projects in recent years are large-sized, solid bricks whose water absorption is lower than 0.5 percent; therefore, the sand-cement mixture cannot create a consistent bond with the tile, which is inclined to decreasing its adhesion ability and causing debonding over time. Other root of problems that also contribute to weakening effect of the tiles are wrong choice of tile adhesive for each area and wrong construction method.

advanced solution adhesion of ceramic tiles
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In order to help investors and contractors find an effective tiling solution that ensures quality excellence, two leading experts in the construction industry, Saint-Gobain Vietnam and Ricons, cooperatively pioneered in conducting a comparative experiment on the adhesion ability of sand-cement mixture and tile adhesives, measuring changes of adhesion levels within 12 months with the pull-off testing methods, following the TCVB 7899-2:2008 - the Vietnamese National Standards on tile and ron adhesives.

The experiment made a comparison among four sample groups: PCB30 sand-cement mix, PCB40 sand-cement mixture, C1-MV1 tile adhesives, C2-MV2 tile adhesives (based on Weber tile adhesive). These groups were applied in both indoor and outdoor areas, then monitored the change of adhesion strength for the next 12 months following the standard

On a comprehensive overview of the chart, the results from tile adhesive sample groups outperformed those from sand-cement mixture sample groups. Particularly, after 12 months, the C2-MV2 tile adhesives sample group (based on the Weber tile adhesive) maintains the same adhesion quality in both environments. The group of C1-MV1 adhesives sample (based on the Weber tile adhesive) representing specialized interior tile adhesives also gave outstanding performance in such environments.

On the other hand, results show that PCB40 sand-cement mixture sample group for indoor bricklaying conditions has an average strength that is greater than 0.5Mpa, but over time, the figure becomes inconsistent and gradually decreased. For the outdoor environment (wall and floor tiles), both sample groups deliver completely unsatisfactory performances in terms of strength as the figures display a downwards tendency. As a whole, the sand-cement mixture sample groups allegedly lose approximately 40 - 60% of the adhesion strength after 12 months, which proves its overdependence on the environment and unsuitability for outdoor or wall tiling.

In 2010, Saint-Gobain Group introduced to Vietnamese market a range of modern tiling solutions in replacement for traditional tiling methods, which are tile adhesive, grout and waterproofing products under the name of Weber. Weber has attracted the attention of investors and contractors thanks to its superior quality and variety of solutions such as tile adhesive, grout and waterproofing products for interior and exterior floors and walls; swimming pool area; areas with heavy loads, vibrations, high traffic density or high pressure conditions such as spas, saunas, etc.

Besides quality, Weber's tile adhesives, grout, waterproofing products also meet strict standards such as: Low VOCs Standard - safe for users' health; the European Standard System - European Norm (EN) and the National Standard System (TCVN); OHSAS18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems).

Weber has been trusted and widely used by prestigious investors and contractors in Vietnam such as Time Square Saigon, The Vista, Diamond Island, Movenpick, Novotel Da Nang, and Noi Bai Airport.