Additional measures suggested to facilitate production, trade recovery

06:00 | 01/12/2021 Society

(VEN) - Although the pandemic’s fourth outbreak in Vietnam is under control, signs are emerging of a new resurgence. The government is being urged to create more favorable conditions to help enterprises restore production and trade, and maintain supply chains.

According to enterprises and business associations, there are positive prospects for production and trading activities, especially since localities implemented the government’s Resolution 128/NQ-CP on pandemic control issued on October 11, 2021. But the eradication of the pandemic is nowhere in sight, requiring authorities at all levels to help businesses overcome difficulties, maintain production and supply chains and retain workers.

additional measures suggested to facilitate production trade recovery
Pandemic control in enterprises needs to be efficiently implemented

What is more, observers say Resolution 128/NQ-CP and related guiding documents need to be made more specific, as localities remain confused about its implementation. For example, the resolution lacks consistent regulations on dealing with asymptomatic employees at production facilities who test positive for the virus (F0), isolation procedures for unvaccinated people and for those who have been in contact with sick people (F1 and F2), and home-based healthcare. Some localities still maintain checkpoints, hindering the circulation and supply of goods for production as well as workers’ movement.

According to representatives of business associations, state financial support policies such as tax and fee exemptions, reduction and payment extension, credit, and social security policies for businesses and individuals remain problematic and their implementation is still tardy and less efficient. It is necessary to accelerate Covid-19 vaccination, while ministries, sectors and localities need to coordinate to consistently implement Resolution 128/NQ-CP and related guiding documents, avoiding promulgation and implementation of policies that do not comply with government policy on the pandemic’s control.

additional measures suggested to facilitate production trade recovery
Favorable conditions should be created for enterprises to conduct efficient business

Flexible overtime

Policies encouraging workers to return to their jobs are also required. Regulations on overtime work during the pandemic should be implemented on a flexible basis to allow employees to work more hours but no more than 400 hours per year, paving the way for enterprises to increase production and ensure on-time order deliveries. Businesses are seeking support and incentives in terms of taxation, fees and land rent, electricity rates, credit, social security benefits, pandemic control costs, and worker recruitment to restore production and trading.

Phung Anh Tuan, Vice President and General Secretary of the Vietnam Association of Financial Investors (VAFI), said policies of localities have been improved a lot but remain inadequate and inconsistent with Government Resolution 128/NQ-CP and the Ministry of Health’s Decision 4800, hampering the country’s efforts to reopen the economy and attract foreign investment.

While the government encourages foreign investors and reassures them, investors, specialists, tourists and overseas Vietnamese cannot enter Vietnam on regular flights, only on so-called “rescue flights”, Tuan said. And while localities strongly urge foreign investment, they can only receive guests after they undergo pandemic control procedures, he added.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Hong Chuong, Rector of the National Economics University, said that in order to ensure a positive impact of the resolution, related policies must be consistent and consistently implemented throughout the country.

Pandemic control regulations are still generating costs, leading to financial difficulties and affecting production and trading recovery.

Nguyen Hoa