Acme International (Thailand) Co., Ltd: Devising long-term business plan in Vietnam

11:35 | 11/04/2016 Companies

(VEN) - Vietnam Economic News’ Nguyen Huong talked with Per Lindvall, Business Development Director of Acme International, about the company’s activities and future plans.

Acme International (Thailand) Co., Ltd: Devising long-term business plan in Vietnam

Could you tell about ACME International (Thailand) Limited?

ACME International (Thailand) Limited was founded in 1974 by Charnwit Teeraprawatekul and is a world-class provider of quality products, reliable technologies, and superior customer value to selected global markets. We will continuously improve our products and services. The company has five business units - Autodoor Technology, Surfacing Technology, Performance Materials, Metal Melting and Casting Technology, and Industrial Processing Technology.

What are your targeted customers and key products? What do you think about the Vietnamese market, especially the manufacturing sector and ACME in Vietnam?

ACME currently provides various products and services for customers in Thailand and abroad. Some of key brands ACME is distributing are Siebtechnik, Kelsen,  Hoganas, Imerys. KERNIK is the selected brand we offer as the effective and economical Release Agent for various applications including Rubber Moulding, Tires, Die-casting, Woodworking (MDF, HDF, Partial Boards) etc.  

Vietnam as Thailand’s neighbor and is a step for ACME as there are several similarities between the two markets. As we are neighbors we find the Vietnamese market a step to expand to other export markets.

How about the opportunities and challenges for Vietnam in terms of manufacturing in comparison with other countries in the ASEAN region?

Vietnam has recently gained an edge over other ASEAN investment destinations with its low interest rates, mild inflation, improved infrastructure, friendlier investment policies and solid economic growth of about six percent over the past five years.

In addition, comparing with other countries in the region, Vietnamese wages are competitive averaging US$197 per month in 2013, compared with US$391 for Thailand and US$613 for China, according to the International Labor Organization. Vietnam’s population is younger with only six percent above the age of 65, compared with about 10 percent in China and Thailand and almost 13 percent in the Republic of Korea.

The investment environment and infrastructure in Vietnam are focused. Vietnam’s economy has been steadily integrating globally facilitating development and investment. More than 19,000 foreign direct investment projects with total capital of US$270 billion have been registered.

As we have a strong position in the Thai market we believe that we should be able to compete also in the Vietnamese market. We know that the Vietnamese market is well developed and has focused on quality and service. ACME stands for quality and service.

The implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community is an important factor to push up business exchange and trade in the ASEAN region. What plan does ACME have to meet increasing demand in Thailand, Vietnam and other countries in the region?

ASEAN countries account for about five percent of global manufacturing in terms of added value, with dominant shares in sub-sectors such as chemicals, food and beverage, metals, and motor vehicles. Foreign investors have a growing awareness of ASEAN’s value as a base of operations. Vietnam is the first step in the development of ACME’s export efforts in the whole Asian region.

What are ACME’s key products to be displayed at the Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2016?

Our key products are Release Agent for Rubber & Tires, Woodworking and Die-casting. 


Nguyen Huong