Accountant group meets in Vietnam

17:18 | 12/03/2016 Companies

Members of the Chartered Accountants Worldwide in Việt Nam last week met for the first time in Viet Nam to develop a chartered accountants’ community in the country.

Accountant group meets in Vietnam

Members of Chartered Accountants Worldwide in Viet Nam meet for the first time — VNS Photo

The prestigious title of chartered accountant is earned by leading professionals in accounting, finance and business. They often hold high positions including business leaders, decision makers and trusted consultants in the largest listed firms.

These talented specialists with their knowledge, experience, vision and a commitment of professionalism, ethics and integrity are the driving engine that helps companies, organisations, inpiduals and comities to achieve their financial and strategic goals.

In Việt Nam, chartered accountants are still a new concept. Thus, the meeting is an important step to give them opportunities to meet and exchange experiences as well as tighten the bond among members of the community.

Organised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales (ICAEW), the event is expected to be a quarterly activity to allow a strong development of this community in Việt Nam.

Chartered Accountant Worldwide has 60 active members in Việt Nam who are leaders, financial mangers or holders of important positions in various agencies and organisations, both domestic and international.

Mark Protherough, Vice President, ICAEW Global, spoke about this milestone event in Việt Nam: “Among the many organisations for chartered accountants around the world, ICAEW is the only one having representation in Việt Nam. So we are well aware of the responsibility and role we bear in initiating activities like this to create a bond and strengthen our commitment related to professionalism and ethics in Việt Nam..”/.

Source: VNS