Abivin steps into vital logistics optimization niche

15:00 | 10/07/2021 Companies

(VEN) - After more than five years of development, the Abivin Vietnam Joint Stock Company has affirmed its role as a solution provider for supply chain optimization. Abivin has won the 2018 ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards for the best logistics and supply chain startup, the Startup World Cup 2019, and the Vietnam Digital Awards 2020 for excellent digital transformation.

Major potential

According to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, the volume of goods transported domestically in 2019 amounted to nearly 155.811 billion tonnes per km, with road transportation accounting for nearly 79 billion tonnes per km and inland waterway transport for nearly 56 billion tonnes per km. Vietnam also ranks second in Southeast Asia in terms of trucks, after Indonesia, with 1.3 million trucks.

abivin steps into vital logistics optimization niche

Pham Nam Long, founder and CEO of the Abivin Vietnam Joint Stock Company, said potential for digital transformation and optimization of road and inland waterway transport in Vietnam remains huge, especially given the low efficiency of existing modes of transport and the difficulties facing logistics companies. Companies often encounter problems with controlling and monitoring the transportation of their goods once they are handed over to vehicle owners, while vehicle owners usually face difficulties in dividing large orders or adding small orders and optimizing routes.

Optimization platform

The founding team of Abivin conducted a market survey and met representatives from multinational corporations and small- and medium-sized enterprises to clearly identify their difficulties and needs. This resulted in the decision to set up a logistics optimization platform - Abivin vRoute.

abivin steps into vital logistics optimization niche

By using Abivin vRoute, goods owners can optimize the selection of prices and vehicle owners, while vehicle owners can maximize vehicle fill rates. Abivin also divides goods into separate groups for international transport, intra-provincial transport, and urban transport to offer solutions suitable to resources, warehouses, vehicles and processes. Abivin vRoute is distinguished by its unique and flexible optimization algorithms that help solve logistics problems, such as vehicle routing, pickup and delivery, 3D loading and inventory routing, carrier selection and cold chain transportation.

To implement Project 844 supporting a national innovative startup ecosystem by 2025, the Newspaper of Industry and Trade is helping Abivin strengthen information dissemination and connect with large enterprises. The Newspaper of Industry and Trade in coordination with the Agency of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development under the Ministry of Science and Technology held a recent seminar on developing the logistics market for enterprises. Abivin Vietnam Founder and CEO Pham Nam Long expressed hopes that Abivin would become a unicorn startup, providing practical solutions to optimize operations in Vietnam’s logistics sector.

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