Abbott launches a:care healthcare ecosystem in Vietnam

10:11 | 02/12/2019 Companies

The global healthcare company Abbott announced the launch of a:care, one-of-a-kind healthcare ecosystem in Vietnam. Created by Abbott’s pharmaceuticals business, a:care includes a range of services all designed to help people achieve better health.

a:care supports people with a broad range of healthcare needs, from prevention to awareness, treatment and motivation. For instance, using the a:care online platform, patients can access educational health information or participate in motivational points-based program to help them adhere to treatments prescribed by their doctor, and a doctor can get access to the latest science and medical updates.

Mr. Ngo Van Huy, General Manager of Abbott’s pharmaceuticals business in Vietnam

“a:care is a model for the future. We have deep understanding about the challenges and needs of doctors and patients in Vietnam. And offering value is at the heart of what we do. Therefore, Abbott has built this healthcare ecosystem to help millions of Vietnamese people across the country who are seeking better health.” said Mr. Ngo Van Huy, General Manager of Abbott’s pharmaceuticals business in Vietnam. “With a:care, Abbott addresses several of the biggest needs we hear from patients, doctors and pharmacists.”

One of the key objectives of a:care is getting people to follow their treatment plans. Even after going through the process of visiting the doctor, getting a diagnosis and agreeing to a treatment plan, many people either don’t take the medicine or, in the case of long-term medication, don’t stick with it. According to the World Health Organization, studies show that 50% of people do not take medicines as described, which may affect long-term health. In a recent adherence study in Vietnam, it was revealed that 37% of heart failure patients do not take their prescription medication, and over half (52.5%) continued their normal salty diet after discharge.

Abbott’s a:care digital hub is like a coach: it enables patients to better understand, manage and monitor their conditions. The healthcare booklets and digital hub provide guidance, information and tools to help people manage their health, and offer the opportunity to earn health-related points for learning as well as following the treatment plans assigned by their doctor. This helps people build habits and follow their medicine treatment, as prescribed by their doctor.

“Adherence remains one of the key healthcare challenges with patient treatment here in Vietnam. The benefits of adherence transcend financial, health, and overall wellness aspects. It’s essential to help people better understand and achieve better outcomes for their health and improve their quality of life.” Associate Professor PhD. MD. Pham Le An, Vice President of Vietnam Association of family medicine.

Abbott also designed a:care to help alleviate some of the pressure on growing healthcare systems around the world. In many areas, there aren’t enough resources to meet growing needs. For instance, in Vietnam, the number of doctors per 10,000 people is only eight, well below the average of 33 found in developed countries. This means doctors are stretched for time to meet the needs of the people in the country. In turn, this has led people to seek information about their specific healthcare conditions from other sources.

a:care is built to be a go-to knowledge hub and healthcare coach where people can get trusted, accurate information and the support which they need to improve their health and doctors, pharmacists need to improve their patients’ health.

Through the a:care online platform, doctors can access scientific information and virtual learning tools including videos and webcasts. Doctors can learn from top local and international experts, ensuring they have the most accurate and relevant information to provide the best care for their patients. And a:care also provides doctors healthcare booklets as supporting tool to communicate better with their patients and for their better treatment outcomes.