4G technology to be launched this year

17:06 | 22/04/2015 Science - Technology

(VEN) - The Ministry of Communications and Information’s (MCI) decision for Vietnam to launch fourth-generation (4G) mobile technology has been praised by international partners as the right decision.

4G technology to be launched this year

4G mobile technology will be strongly deployed in Vietnam in the future

Golden time for 4G mobile technology
Vietnam is one among the largest mobile services market in the Southeast Asia and has been invested in 3G mobile technology since 2009 and has recorded a rapid increase over years from about seven million users in 2009 to nearly 29 million users as of January 2015. 3G services have been provided at reasonable prices, sped up to 42Mbps at maximum data transmission and have covered all provinces and cities across the country.
All these have provided a firm premise for mobile service providers to develop 4G mobile technology, which may reach the speed of 1.5Gbps in data transmission. This technology has developed worldwide, with more than 3.6 billion users of 4G mobile equipment and about 500 million 4G subscribers.
According to a representative of Qualcomm, now is a ripe time for 4G deployment in Vietnam thanks to strong development of 4G mobile equipment in the country. In addition, a boom in 4G investment in many countries in the region and the world would help reduce the investment of such new 4G developer like Vietnam.
It took Vietnam a decade to switch from 2G to 3G mobile technology, but it may not take so long to switch from 3G to 4G. “It is necessary to deploy 4G mobile technology to meet the increasing needs for mobile E-commerce and E-government development, contributing to the country’s socioeconomic development in the coming time,” said Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Le Nam Thang.
A race to 4G deployment
According to Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Le Nam Thang, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung had already approved a national communications development plan, which decided to develop 4G mobile technology in Vietnam from 2015. However, the MCI has been studying this technology since it was introduced in 2010 for later application in the country.
The time to deploy 4G mobile technology is very important. For example, Vietnam granted 3G service provision licenses in 2009 despite 3G mobile technology actually being applied in 2000. However, Vietnam’s decision was right as mobile equipment like smartphones and tablets were available at fairly cheap prices.
“We prepare the roadmap for 4G mobile technology in Vietnam based on its popularity across the world as proved by increased numbers of 4G subscribers, to make sure that we’ll succeed,” Thang said.
The MCI has issued a circular to allow mobile service providers to pilot 4G mobile services at 1,800Mhz bandwidth, and by early 2016, 4G mobile service provision licenses will be granted via bids.

“Domestic digital content like online TV shows, movies and games should develop along with 4G mobile services as foreign alternatives are often costly and difficult to understand due to language barriers,” Thang added.

                                                                                                                                                                           By Quynh Nga


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