2019 Hung Vuong Fair: From tea warmers to soy sauce

14:49 | 02/05/2019 Society

(VEN) - As a part of the national trade promotion program held annually at the Hung Kings Temple Festival, the 2019 Hung Vuong Fair took place in mid-April in the northern province of Phu Tho, with nearly 300 booths of 150 businesses and associations from the province and beyond.

from tea warmers to soy sauce

At this year’s festival, the Phu Tho People’s Committee recognized eight typical rural industrial products. These include a teapot warmer exhibited by businessman Nguyen Ngoc Can, Bat Tien tea of the Long Coc Safe Tea Cooperative, Thanh Son sour meat of Thanh Son Sour Meat Cooperative, Bo village’s soy sauce of businessman Phuong Hiep, My Lung sticky rice of the My Lung Sticky Rice Cooperative, tea filter bags of the Hoai Trung Tea Company Limited, wooden chopsticks of Minh Phat Import-Export JSC, and plywood made by Hoa Linh Company Limited.

The selection of typical rural industrial products at the provincial level is a part of Phu Tho Province’s industry promotion program and is held every two years to honor quality products with high value and export potential.

Over the years, the Hung Vuong Fair has not only met the needs for domestic trade development, but also aims to promote Vietnam’s exports. This year’s fair continued to be a practical trade promotion channel, creating favorable conditions for businesses to promote trade and advertisement, and introduce their potential and products to visitors.

from tea warmers to soy sauce

The items displayed at the fair are mainly farm produce, typical rural industrial products, and those of craft villages. In addition, the fair also exhibits and introduces essential consumer goods such as processed food, engineering products, agricultural machines, home appliances, fertilizers, and clothing.

Nguyen Tuan Oanh from the Doan Hung Grapefruit Cooperative said that through the fair, the cooperative’s products are introduced to visitors, promoting consumption and bringing greater economic benefit for local residents.

Through the fair, visitors can also learn about the local culture and buy typical products, thereby contributing to the Buy Vietnamese Goods campaign.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Phu Tho Department of Industry and Trade Director Nguyen Manh Hung said the event provides a link for businesses and consumers, creating favorable conditions for the development of businesses toward international economic integration.

Mai Lan