2011 ASEAN Media Forum in Bangkok

09:45 | 18/02/2011 Cooperation

(VEN) - The DuPont ASEAN Media Forum was organized from February 14-17, 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand joining among reporters and editors from around ASEAN.


The previous DuPont ASEAN Media Forum was conducted in Indonesia in 2009. ASEAN stands at the center of the most dynamic economic region of the world with a population of nearly 600 million people, ASEAN is well-positioned for growth. ASEAN growth potential as the 3rd largest population after China and India, market size & growth potential is comparable to India, dynamic inter-intra cooperation.

DuPont started in ASEAN over 30 years ago and now has operations in seven ASEAN countries. Building on such a strong foundation and continuing our investment and commitment to the region, it is sharpening the focus of innovation engines to meet the increasing demand for food, protecting lives and the environment and decreasing dependence on fossil fuels to meet the ASEAN market demand for value-added science-based solutions. DuPont is responding to the world’s change. The media forum is an opportunity to learn how DuPont is responding to the complex challenges in ASEAN.

DuPont was founded in 1802 with 40 employees, 1 site, in 1 country for 1 product. The company had 12 customers for US$15,116 for sales in 1804. Until 2010, DuPont has 58,000 employees with 210 sites. The group has presented in 90 countries with hundreds of thousands DuPont products and customers worldwide. The total turnover of DuPont Global has reached US$31,5 billion in sales. DuPont now focus on the major businesses including titanium technologies, performance polymers, crop protection, packaging and industrial polymers, electronics and communication. DuPont celebrated 40 years in ASEAN and established present in Vietnam in 1990s. In ASEAN, the company owns 12 manufacturing facilities with the total turnover for over US$900 million. In Vietnam, DuPont has 1 site.

At 2011 ASEAN Media Forum, the group has offered the specific figures on R&D sectors and applied science research and new technology to processing and manufacturing. The products provide to ASEAN market through business program pipeline and demonstrate DuPont inclusive collaboration with customers.

The Forum included shrimp farming tour and media workshops and meetings. On the shrimp farming tour, everyone could learn about modern technology and method on shrimp farms. In the shrimp production sector, it remarks the top 3 for Thailand, China and Vietnam (in order).

The interesting agenda was focused on the R&D, science and technology sectors. The new products with high quality, cost reducing and high effective crops bring the reasonable price to markets. And its results offer the benefits to manufacturers, businesses and consumers.

Mentioned on the new technologies, many international enterprises globally exploit and manufacture millions of new products in all sectors, especially agriculture, industries, science, etc. And in 2010, as a global basis, DuPont introduced 1,700 new products for advanced protective materials, automotive lightweighting, bio-base materials and agriculture.

Toward the sustainable growth, many meetings and workshops has organized in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and other ASEAN countries. It hopes that companies, and governments pay high attention on this.

Carl J. Lukach, President of DuPont East Asia and Hsing C. Ho, Managing Director of DuPont Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia confirmed the meaningful values of new technologies and new products contributing to the society. Mr. Hsing Ho said “the new technologies could bring Vietnam and others ASEAN countries to the further successes. For Vietnam, we hope that Vietnam Government should pay more attentions on the new technologies, new products. For example, on the agricultural sector, Vietnam now is strong enough to toward the further growth. Innovation of new technologies, new products could help farmers achieve good quality products providing to the domestic and overseas consumers. It makes production costs reduce and to be more competitive to the markets.” He also highlights the collaboration when the world challenges can not be solved by one single country or company. It should be on the mutual benefits and responsibility.    

As other global enterprises, Dupont’s aprroach is to identify trends and needs, fine partners and collaborators, design new business models to catch the current situation. It uses sciences and technology to transfer ASEAN challenges into opportunities./.

Xuan Trung, writed from Bangkok


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