108 Military Central Hospital, a model of international cooperation

11:15 | 26/06/2020 Cooperation

In the context of globalization, the 108 Military Central Hospital has cooperated with numerous partners around the world in high technology transfers, striving to maintain its position as a leading national and military health center that meets international standards.

Japan, the cradle of scientific and technical innovations in medicine, has become one of the most important partners of the 108 Military Central Hospital, which is working with leading centers, hospitals and universities there. Many doctors and technicians have taken part in joint training courses and technology transfer programs with Japanese institutions.

108 military central hospital a model of international cooperation
The 108 Military Central Hospital has acquired the latest disease diagnosis and treatment technologies

According to Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Japan is a world leader in gastrointestinal and esophageal cancer treatment, and leading Japanese specialists have come to the hospital to conduct surgeries and transfer advanced techniques and technology in gastrointestinal and esophageal cancer treatment. Currently, the level of the hospital’s gastrointestinal and esophageal treatment technology is similar to Japan’s.

Tuan said Japanese specialists brought with them their teams and equipment to Vietnam, fearing that the hospital’s surgeons and equipment were not sufficiently qualified and appropriate, but found that the Vietnamese surgeons worked well and efficiently with them.

108 military central hospital a model of international cooperation

Organ transplants

The hospital’s Gastrointestinal Surgery Department will continue prioritizing cooperation with leading Japanese partners, sending doctors and technicians to Japan-based training courses and hospitals to acquire technologies that are more advanced. Japanese partners have made clear they are willing to assist the hospital in advanced technology application and development.

The 108 Military Central Hospital is the only hospital in Vietnam with 50 positive pressure operating rooms, including 45 standard operating rooms and five organ transplant rooms and multipurpose hybrid operating rooms. Each hybrid operating room is equipped with robotic technology for interventional cardiology.

This project is equipped with the world’s latest radiotherapy-radiation technology for use in the treatment of brain, head, neck, lung, breast, liver, pancreas, esophagus, rectum, and prostate cancers.

The 108 Military Central Hospital also provides international standard technologies and techniques for orthopedic, cosmetic and laparoscopic surgery, as well as techniques for treatment of liver cancer and stroke-related cardiology intervention. Notably, the hospital has succeeded in the application of multi-organ transplantation techniques, including stem cell, bone marrow, cornea, kidney and liver transplantation.

Thanh Tam